How Do Americans Really Feel About The Oscars?

The Academy Awards are Sunday, but do Americans really care? Well, according to a new survey, not as many as you may think. And those who do have some real opinions on what should happen on the telecast. 

A new YouGov poll finds:

  • Only 26% of Americans are somewhat interested in the Oscars.
  • 8% say they are very interested, and  18% are somewhat interested.
  • A whopping 49% of Americans are not interested in the Oscars at all.

Anyone who watches the Oscars know that winners will sometime use their speeches to make political statements, but it’s apparent that some viewers don’t want to see that.

  • 54% of all U.S. adults think it’s inappropriate for Oscar winners to talk politics in their speeches.
  • 28% say it’s appropriate.
  • Although, of those interested in the Oscars, 46% say it’s appropriate, while 40% say it’s not.
  • Not surprising, Democrats are way more likely than Republicans to say it’s appropriate (53% vs. 12%).
  • In fact, 76% of Republicans find it inappropriate, while only 35% off Democrats say the same.

And this year, producers are planning to remove some awards from the telecast, and while those in the entertainment community aren’t happy about it, the average American doesn’t really care.

  • 43% of Americans don’t care if these awards are presented on the show or ahead of time, although that’s true for only 20% of those actually interested in the Oscars. 

So, which movie will win Best Picture this year?

  • Well, with not that many people seeing any of this year’s nominees, there isn’t an overwhelming favorite.
  • “West Side Story” is the most popular choice among Americans to win Best Picture (8%), followed by “Don’t Look Up” (6%) and “Dune” (6%).
  • Among Americans who actually care about the Oscars, “West Side Story” is also the top pick (16%), followed by “Coda” (10%) and “Belfast” (9%).
  • As for what film folks think should win, 8% say of Americans say “West Side Story,” with 17% of those interested in the Oscars saying the same.