Great Things About Driving a Gas Guzzler

Over half of Americans say they will make their next car a hybrid or electric vehicle.  But not everyone.  Some say these are why they will always drive a Gas Guzzler.

  • Truck Nutz look tacky on a Prius.
  • Trips to the gas station for fill-ups are also a great way to check out the latest novelty trucker hats.
  • You haven’t lived until you spent eight hours trying to parallel park a tank.
  • A car engine is supposed to rumble like an angry god.  Not buzz like an ear trimmer.
  • It’s what Madeleine Albright would’ve wanted.
  • Unlike a Nissan Leaf, you can actually fit into an F-250.
  • Go on YouTube and look up the video for “Here I Go Again”.  See what she’s straddling?  There ya go.
  • You can’t siphon your neighbor’s electricity.