4 Ways You’re Getting Social Support When Online

There are four major ways of being supported online:

1. Esteem and Emotional Support: You’re getting this kind of online support when others convey that they hold you in high esteem and care about you. This can occur when you get likes, favorites, upvotes, views, positive comments, and encouragement.

2. Social Companionship Support: This kind of online support occurs when others do things that give you a sense of belonging.

3. Informational Support: This is the support you get that helps you to define, understand, and cope with problems you are facing. Examples include receiving useful advice, learning how others might approach a problem you’re struggling with, getting ideas on where to find help.

4. Instrumental Support: The final kind of online support occurs when others assist you with financial aid, material resources, or needed services. This includes getting help with your schoolwork or work projects.