Snooping on Potential Dates

When you’re dating online, there’s always a chance of matching with a psycho.  So you’ve gotta do your research . . .A study looked into the top ways we SNOOP on potential dates . . . 73% of online daters said they’ve done it before.  Here are the most common ways we vet people . . .

1.  Checking their social media accounts.  49% have done it before going on a date.  Around one in four will also snoop on the person’s friends and family.

2.  Googling their name.  37% do it before dates.

3.  Look them up on a professional networking site like LinkedIn.  30% do it.

4.  Pay to run an actual background check.  14% have done it before.  That’s around one in seven people.  (And the poll was done before Tinder announced its new background check feature last month.)

5.  Look them up on a payment app like Venmo.  10% have done it.

6.  Check their playlists on a music app like Spotify.  9% have done it.

42% said they’ve also snooped on their current partner, or on an ex. 

(PR Newswire)