Things You Should Never Wear On A First Date

It’s natural to want to make a good impression when you go on a first date, which is why choosing what to wear can be incredibly hard. Well, if you always find yourself stressing over your first date outfit, a new report is here to let you know what you should definitely stay away from.

According to a new study by style experts Thread:

  • 38% of people won’t go on a second date with someone who wore a bad outfit to their first date.
  • 41% of women would say no to a second date due to a bad outfit, compared to 34% of men.
  • So, what are the worst things you could wear on a first date?
  • Well, the biggest no-no is a matching tracksuit, with 31% of people saying there will be no second date if someone wears one.
  • Other items you shouldn’t wear on a first date include:
    • Crocs (31%)
    • Clear plastic shoes (27%)
    • MC Hammer trousers (27%)
    • Hot pants (23%)
    • Biker shorts (23%)
    • Dungarees (23%)
    • High-heeled trainers (22%)
    • Ripped jeans (20%)
    • Ugg boots (20%)