Signs Something You Own Has Officially Become “Vintage”

Someone got roasted online for listing a Blackberry from 2008 as “vintage.”  But it raises an interesting question:  When IS something considered vintage?  Let’s find out with today’s list of the Signs Something You Own Has Officially Become “Vintage.”

  • It doesn’t stream videos, play music, or post messages, but is somehow intended to entertain.
  • When you hold it up, your kids roll their eyes and mutter “Cringe.”
  • You can sell it on eBay for lots of money to nerds.
  • When you try it on, your spouse says cool stuff like, “You used to fit in that?!?”
  • It depicts something old people consider hilarious and young people consider racist.
  • It has sharp edges, contains a lot of choking hazards, and is intended for babies.
  • It’s a camera.  That’s it.  It’s just a camera.