Most Googled Slang Terms

Here, according to, are the 30 Most Googled Slang Terms today. This should keep you “hep” to what the kids are saying these days:

1. Simp: “A man who is overly submissive to women”
2. Woke: “To be well-informed of and sensitive to cultural issues”
3. Sus: “Suspicious or suspect”
4. Bussin: “Really good, usually describes food”
5. FYP: “Abbreviation of ‘For You Page,’ part of the TikTok app”
6. GOAT: “Acronym for ‘greatest of all time’”
7. No cap: “To say you’re not lying or exaggerating”
8. Ratio: “When replies to a tweet vastly outnumber likes or retweets”
9. FOMO: “Abbreviation for ‘fear of missing out’”
10. IYKYK: “Abbreviation for ‘if you know, you know’”
11. Stan: “To be a very devoted fan”
12. Yeet: “Exclamation of excitement or approval”
13. YT: “White, as in skin color”
14. Bae: “Significant other”
15. Bet: “A term of agreement or approval”
16. TFW: “Abbreviation for ‘that feeling when’”
17. OOTD: Abbreviation for “outfit of the day”
18. POS: “Abbreviation for ‘piece of s***’”
19. AF: “Abbreviation for ‘as f***,’ used for emphasis”
20. Cheugy: “Uncool and untrendy”