5 Ways to Break Up With Your Phone

5 Ways to Break Up With Your Phone

1. Decide on time limits: Research says if we set specific goals, we are more likely to achieve them. Use the time limit settings on your apps to determine how much time you would like to spend in each area per day.

2. Find a go-to replacement activity once you hit your device limit: Make a list of things you might like to spend that time on.

3. Create “no-device” zones and times: In order to strengthen relationships and make those around you feel seen and heard, it is important to create spaces that do not include devices

4. Delete time-sucking apps: Deleting apps when you do not want to use and reinstalling them when you do helps tremendously. Again, if they are easy to access, you will, especially when stressed or tired.

5. Tell others you care about: Let those people around you know you want to spend more of your time doing things that are meaningful to you. Research shows us that accountability helps us to achieve goals quicker.