Signs You’re Boring

A study in England looked at jobs and personality traits we consider “boring.”  It found the most boring person in the world is a data analyst who lives in a rural area, watches a lot of TV and sleeps a lot. Here are some other signs that you might be boring:

  • Your doctor recommends charisma injections.
  • Your favorite drink is vodka and water.  Hold the vodka.
  • When you stand still for too long, someone hangs their coat on you.
  • Your nickname is “The Human Flatline.”
  • You base your vacation destinations on the closest outlet mall.
  • Your dog learned how to play dead by impersonating you.
  • You’ve shushed a librarian.
  • Your to-do list for today includes “Chew gum.”
  • You have a bumper sticker, window decal, or license plate holder that says “I’d Rather Be Birdwatching.”