Reasons Your March Madness Bracket Is Already Busted

After just six games yesterday, only 1.76% of March Madness brackets remained

perfect.  Find out why you’re one of the many people who already know they wasted $20 entering their office pool with today’s list of the Reasons Your March Madness Bracket Is Already Busted.

  • Duh.  You based your picks on mascots instead of uniform color.  Idiot.
  • If you were good at choosing colleges, you wouldn’t be where you are now.
  • The only thing you’re good at picking is lint from your navel.
  • You meant to copy Dick Vitale’s bracket.  Somehow you copied Dick Van Dyke’s.
  • You think Gonzaga is an Italian dessert.
  • Look around, chief.  Failure is kind of your thing.