5 Tips to Stop People-Pleasing at Home

1. Don’t offer unsolicited advice, guidance, or problem-solving strategies unless you’re specifically asked. We engage in these behaviors to secure a feeling of indispensability for the relationship.

2. Practice not saying yes when you want to say no. When you offer to do things you don’t want to, it can lead to a lack of follow-through. This creates internal tension, decreasing self-respect, as well as relationship problems.

3. People pleasers are over-observant of micro-expressions and verbal nuances. Avoid overthinking or personalizing interactions. Exercise patience to wait and see if anything is wrong.

4. Unburden yourself from feeling responsible for curating other people’s enjoyable time. Feeling responsible for other people’s happiness impedes our own satisfaction. We need to be capable and responsible as individuals for our own personal contentment and see others in the same light.

5. If you’re becoming resentful or feel taken advantage of by others, give yourself permission to communicate transparently. It’s the best way to preserve relationships. Use “I” statements to ensure you’re taking responsibility for feeling resentful and not externalizing blame on someone else for your feelings.