Doing Dreaded Tasks For A Short Period Can Make Chores More Manageable

If there’s a task you must do that you dread doing, you should just try doing it for three minutes.

Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Wild with Oxford University explains, “It is all too easy, when it is cold and you are watching television not to want to go out for a run, even when you know it is good for you. But when people are told they can go for a three-minute jog and stop if they don’t feel the benefit, that can get them out.”

In a trial, psychologists found that a 20-minute rule was still too daunting, but when participants tried three minutes, 98 percent kept going. This technique has also been found to help with phobias—for example asking someone with arachnophobia to hold a spider for three minutes—and also helps people who are shy or who have social anxiety, if they are advised to go to a party for just three minutes. Psychologists say procrastination has become a major source of modern-day stress, and when someone tackles a regular task they dread, they quickly realize it is not as bad as they feared. (DailyMail)