Signs You Shouldn’t Wear Something to Work

Dress codes at work have relaxed over the years.  But that doesn’t mean you can just show up in anything at the office.  Especially if it matches anything on today’s list of the Signs You Shouldn’t Wear Something to Work.

  • It shows off your tattoo . . . on your right butt cheek.
  • It’s edible.
  • Guy Fieri says you should wear it to work.
  • It’s a long, white, billowy robe.  With a matching hood.
  • It honks when you squeeze it.
  • Hot Dog on a Stick employees see it and laugh.
  • It’s a concert T-shirt for a band whose name rhymes with “Crash Mouth.”
  • It fits on top of your head, holds two beers and both of them are currently full.