Ways We Deal with a Partner Who Snores

A new report found half of Americans live with someone who SNORES so loudly, it wakes them up.  So what do YOU do if the person next to you won’t stop snoring?  According to the poll, here are the most common ways we handle it . . .

1.  Kick them, or elbow them in the side.

2.  Wake them up.

3.  Move to a guest bedroom to get away from the noise.

4.  Sleep on the sofa.

5.  Start going to bed at a different time than they do.

6.  Drown it out with ear plugs or white noise.

7.  Record them snoring to prove they do it.

8.  Make THEM sleep somewhere else.

9.  Yell at them.

10.  Pinch their nose to make them stop.