4 Ways to Fertilize Your Garden Using Food Scraps

1. Eggshells -If you have a mostly intact eggshell, you can use it as a biodegradable seed-starter “pot.” Gently fill it with dirt and a seed of your choice, then plant it in the ground once it’s sprouted. This is especially helpful for tomato and pepper plants, as it can help combat blossom-end rot. The sharp edges of the shells can also deter some snails and slugs. 

2. Coffee Grounds – If you’re one of the many people who start their day with a hot cup of coffee, you have ample fertilizer at the ready. Coffee grounds can be added almost like a mulch around the plants in your garden.

3. Banana Peels – Bananas are the gift that keeps on giving if you have a garden. The peels can add nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium to the soil, making them a potent fertilizer.

4. Orange Peels – Not only do citrus peels smell amazing, but they can give nutritive value and pest protection to your garden, too. Orange peels are rich in potassium, nitrogen, calcium and magnesium that can help your plants grow.