Things to Do This Weekend If Your Plans Fall Through

A study finds that 71% of people look forward to their weekend plans getting cancelled so they can do nothing.  But if this happens to you and you’re still feeling a little productive, check out today’s list of the Top Things to Do This Weekend If Your Plans Fall Through.

  • Turn on CNN and watch a country you never heard of and know nothing about get invaded by a country you HAVE heard of . . . but still know nothing about.
  • Exercise.  Or better yet, turn off that Apple Watch function that nags you to exercise.
  • Research who the New York Jets will blow this year’s draft pick on.
  • Pre-purchase a ticket for “The Batman”. Yes, I said A ticket.  Because if you’re buying it this early, you’re definitely not bringing a date.
  • Gas up your car before World War III kicks in and plummets society into an apocalyptic hell zone where the few people who don’t perish in the ensuing fuel riots resort to cannibalism to survive.