Never Bark at Your Dog

There’s a TikTok challenge called the Bark at Your Dog Challenge where . . . yeah . . . people are barking at their dogs.  And since their dogs usually look shocked, it makes for funny videos. 

Except . . . those shocked looks aren’t funny to the dogs.  According to the American Kennel Club, barking at your dog . . . or any dog . . . actually TRAUMATIZES them. When you bark at your dog, you’re doing three things they find threatening:  Getting up in their space . . . making eye contact . . . and making a loud noise in their face. So the dog’s reaction is FEAR . . . they’re nervous, they don’t know how to react, and they don’t know what’s coming next.

Your dog will probably just be freaked out . . . but if you bark in the face of a strange dog, it might even respond aggressively and BITE you.  So don’t bark in your dog’s face.  There are much, much better ways to get those sweet TikTok likes. (Lifehacker)