Dating App Helps Singles Match For Double Dates

Going out on a first date can be nerve-wracking, but what if you and a friend could experience your first dates together? Well, that’s the premise behind a dating app that seems to the new hot thing for singles.

Fourplay, which was launched in 2019, helps set up singles on double dates. Basically, the way it works is that a pair of single friends create a joint dating profile so they can match with another pair of friends with a joint profile and they all go out on a date together. 

The app was the brainchild of Danielle Dietzek and Julie Griggs, who were so busy with their work schedules they had little time to deal with the dating scene so they created one profile on a dating site asking potential matches to swipe right if they and a friend wanted to double date.

“We very intentionally designed Fourplay so that all matches happen as a group and there’s no one-on-one dating to mitigate the pressure and anxieties that come with dating,” Griggs tells the “New York Post.” “If two people meet on a Fourplay date and want to go on a romantic date after that, great! If someone comes away from a Fourplay date with one or two new friends, great!” She adds, “If you didn’t vibe at all with the people you went out with … at least you were with a friend so it wasn’t a waste of a night.” 

  • The app actively started recruiting users last year and has proven to be hugely popular. While it currently has a limit of only 11,000 users close to New York City, over 9,000 people are on a waitlist to join. The creators are also planning to expand it nationwide and abroad soon.