The Best Things to Eat If You’re Hungry Before Bed

Are you a midnight snacker, like me?  Well, this could help you avoid some of the guilt:  Someone asked a bunch of nutritionists to name the BEST foods to eat if you’re hungry before bed. I was kind of hoping that “a full sleeve of Chips Ahoy” would make the list . . . it did not.  But some of these options aren’t bad.  Here are their top five . . .

1.  Walnuts.  They’re filling and full of nutrients.  They might also help you sleep, because they’re loaded with melatonin.

2.  CHOCOLATE-covered nuts.  They’re okay too, but it has to be dark chocolate.  And don’t eat too many.  There’s caffeine in dark chocolate.

 3.  A banana.  It’s another one that might help you sleep.  Potassium is a natural muscle relaxant, and there’s also a little tryptophan in there.

 4.  Greek yogurt with berries and almonds.  It helps you sleep by keeping your blood sugar balanced.  There’s protein in the yogurt . . . carbs in the berries . . . and fat in the almonds.  Those three things together are good.

5.  PEANUT BUTTER . . . but on a rice cake.  And it has to be “natural” peanut butter, not loaded with extra sugar.  So, a big spoonful of Jif isn’t the same. (Huff Post)