What Happens When Sunroof Is Left Open In Minivan During Winter

Steve Maguire of Scituate Massachusetts left the sunroof on his family’s minivan open in 63-degree weather returned to the vehicle two days later to find it filled with about 9 inches of snow.

Maguire said he and his family took a ride in his wife’s minivan on Saturday with the windows down to enjoy the record high temperatures in New England.

Maguire said he didn’t realize until returning to the vehicle on Monday that he had left the sunroof open, allowing about 9 inches of snow to accumulate inside.

“When I opened the van, I’m thinking it’s Valentine’s Day,” Maguire told WFXT-TV. “It’s my wife’s car. This is not going to end well. I came in and said, ‘I hope you’re in a good mood because there are about nine inches of snow in the van.'”

Maguire said the situation could have been much worse.

“This could only happen in New England,” he said. “I’m grateful it wasn’t rain, and it was super easy to clean up because it was so light and fluffy.”