Older Adults Have Too Much Information In Their Brains

If you’ve ever wondered if your brain could run out of space, the answer seems to be yes.

Researchers in Canada found that older people have too much information in their heads, resulting in “cluttered memories.” The study defines “cluttered memory” as one that struggles to recall specific or detailed information and events in comparison to younger people. 

Study author, Dr. Lynn Hasher says, “These results may explain why wisdom and knowledge continue to grow as we age, even as memory declines.” The issue is that on a day-to-day basis, the human mind constantly blocks out unnecessary information, but as we grow older, the mind’s inhibition skills deteriorate, making it harder to focus on specific information.

Researchers say this results in a “flood” or information and memory impairment among older adults. But a cluttered memory isn’t necessarily a bad thing—the data shows it is very likely to be a sign of wisdom and lots of knowledge.