Worst Foods to Order on a First Date

The people behind this survey claim they found the worst foods to order on a first date.  But that’s only if you want the person to like you.  If you never want to see them again, I guess they’re the BEST things to order, right?

2,000 people were polled.  Here are the top ten worst foods to order on a first date . . .

1.  Spicy curry.

2.  Spaghetti, because it’s messy.

3.  Ribs.

4.  Corn on the cob.

5.  Oysters.

6.  Any noodle dish.

7.  Chicken wings.

8.  Sushi, because of the fish smell.  But you agreed to go to a sushi place, right?  So that one’s debatable.

9.  Seafood in general.

10.  Fajitas.  Again, they’re kind of messy.