Today Is Singles Awareness Day!

Singles Awareness Day is a humorous holiday that provides single people with an alternative to Valentine’s Day festivities. Some people consider Singles Awareness Day (sometimes shortened to S.A.D.) as the anti-Valentine’s Day and celebrate it on February 14th, but the folks at made it official – February 15th is the official holiday.

The goal of Singles Awareness Day is to have singles enjoy celebrations, get-togethers, and even to exchange gifts with their single friends.

Suggested activities for this day are sending yourself flowers, planning parties for other singles to mix and meet and to participate in some sort of single’s event. This is especially recommended if you don’t WANT to be single. Of course, for those who kind of like being single it’s a blessing and a reason to have some fun! And if you’re happy to be single, then February 15th is your day to tell the world.