Little Things You Can Do Right Now to Show Kindness

The average person does 25,000 thoughtful acts in their lifetime.  And you can fluff your tally this morning by following through with everything on today’s list of the Little Things You Can Do Right Now to Show Kindness.

  • For once, leave some change in that Starbucks tip cup instead of taking it.
  • Call your boyfriend and tell him how much he means to you.  Then do the same with your husband.
  • Compliment your coworker’s blouse.  But stop yourself before also complimenting what’s IN the blouse.
  • Give your kid’s teacher a token of your appreciation.  Trust me, nothing makes up for the long hours, low pay and COVID risk than a $5 gift card to Panera.
  • Tell a Bengals fan you’re rooting for their team this weekend.  Kidding!  There is no such thing as a Bengals fan.