Super Bowl Snacking Possible-True “Facts”

  • 74% of people think it’s perfectly acceptable to snort Cheeto dust.
  • 62% of people hold on to the Pringles can to sneak booze into their kid’s soccer games.
  • 59% of people use asphalt as one of the layers in their 7-layer dip.
  • 48% of people know the recipe to your “homemade” guacamole is to buy it from Trader Joe’s and then dump it in a bowl.
  • 90% of people avoid Fritos because they remind them of grandma’s toenails.
  • 77% of people think your potato salad sucks and only put it on their plate to be polite.
  • 100% of people would trade everything you’re serving, no matter how fancy, if you would just shut up and let them watch the game