How Singles can Thrive on Valentine’s Day

1.   Remember Valentine’s Day cards from when you were a youngster? Find new, cheap, bulk children’s cards at the store or make them now. Give them out generously, such as to any cashiers, friends, strangers, etc. Watch the smiles happen.

2.   Use Valentine’s Day to prioritize connecting with your friends or people who have made a difference in your life.

3.   Think about the vinegar Valentines’ cards aspect of the past. The mean ones sound mean; don’t do those. But maybe you can find something comedic or sassy to email or send to your acquaintances and friends.

4.   Do something kind or compassionate for yourself. For example, write yourself a love letter.

5.   Do something kind or compassionate for someone else.

6.   Throw a COVID-safe, small gathering.

7.   Remind yourself that it’s just one day, and it’ll be done shortly. Your television, computer, social media feeds, and other media sources will soon stop cruelly pointing out that you’re without a mate or a date on this commercialized holiday.