The Best & Worst Times To Propose

Valentine’s Day is a week away, and we bet a lot of gals, and some guys, may be expecting it to include a ring from their significant other. But if you’re going to pop the question, you are going to want to do it in the best way possible, and now a new poll reveals the best and worst ways to do so.

A new poll finds:

  • 50% of people say the best time to propose is during a romantic dinner.
  • Other optimal proposal times include:
    • During a holiday (47%)
    • On vacation (46%)
    • During a concert (36%)
    • At a wedding (36%)
  • But folks also have strong opinions about the wrong way/time to pop the question, with a proposal via text being the worst (41%), followed by:
    • Phone call (39%)
    • At a fast food restaurant (28%)
    • At their parents’ house (24%)
    • During a sporting event (23%)
  • Overall, 28% of people admit they love cheesy, over-the-top proposals.
  • 31% would prefer something private and intimate, although secretly 67% say they do love an over-the-top proposal.
  • Meanwhile, 58% of people say they regret how their proposal happened.
  • Another 45% wish they could do it over.
  • 31% have lied to make their proposal seem more impressive than it was.
  • 23% lied to make their proposal seem more low-key than it was. 
  • ONE MORE THING! Since a lot of proposals happen around food, the poll asked folks what were the best foods to hide a ring in, with pizza being the top choice (34%), followed by salad (29%), burger/sandwich (28%) and soup (28%).