Phrases We Never Want to Hear Again

According to a study, phrases like “a flash in the pan” and “toe the line” are slowly going extinct.  Too bad other phrases can’t join them.  Specifically, anything on today’s list of the TopPhrases We Never Want to Hear Again.

  • “Well, according to Joe Rogan . . .”
  • “Will you help me move?”
  • “That’s not a real N95 mask.”
  • “I did my own research, thank you.”
  • “Leave my daughter alone, Prince Andrew.”
  • “OMG, you haven’t played Wordle?!”
  • “This is the Cowboys’ year.”
  • “You should check out my podcast.”
  • “Honey, a ‘Twilight’ marathon is on TV.”
  • “So, I saw this challenge on TikTok .