A Man Was Finally Caught After Driving Without a License . . . for 72 Years

What’s the longest you think you could get away with doing something illegal . . . and I’m not talking about sharing your Netflix password.

On Wednesday, an 84-year-old man admitted to police that he’d been driving without a license.  Not just on that trip, and not even for a couple of years.  He’s NEVER had a license, and he’s been driving for 72 years . . . since he was 12.

And even when he was finally caught, it wasn’t for a wreck or a traffic infraction, it was TECHNOLOGY.  His car, a blue Mini, was flagged by a traffic camera for being unregistered . . . and so the cops pulled him over.

This happened in the U.K., and the local police say they were “gentle” with him, meaning he probably wasn’t hit with a serious charge.  But in addition to not being licensed, insured, or registered . . . ever . . . there’s another problem:  He’s old.

The police said, quote, “[He was] hard of hearing, his reactions were poor, and he was very unsteady on his feet.”  So he wasn’t safe even if he was “road legal.”

It’s worth pointing out that it’s unclear how much this guy had driven.  He did apparently have an unregistered car, but this would be easier to get away with if he wasn’t out and about often.