Sledding Helmets

Sledding may not be as dangerous as some other winter sports, but does that mean kids don’t need a helmet?

According to a new survey, that’s what most parents think. Researchers at Michigan Medicine find that nearly 70 percent of parents admit their kids never wear a helmet while sledding. Despite the potential for injury that comes with sledding downhill, the poll reveals parents are far less likely in general to discuss sledding safety rules with their kids in comparison to other winter sports and activities.

Additionally, the University of Michigan Health C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health also reports only three-quarters of respondents consistently ensure their children wear a helmet while skiing or snowboarding.

Researchers surveyed a total of 1,992 parents from all over the United States in October 2021. All of the parents have at least one child between ages three and 18. “Activities like sledding and skiing offer families an exciting way to enjoy the winter months outdoors,” says Mott Poll co-director Sarah Clark, M.P.H., in a university release. “But parents are responsible for taking the right steps to minimize injury risks for their children.