Signs Your Husband Is a Keeper

Today is National Spouses Day, and in a recent poll, 44% of married people said their spouse gets on their nerves sometimes.  But there are thing we appreciate, such as:  They’re a hard worker . . . you can be yourself . . . and they make you laugh.

In case you’re trying to figure out if it’s worth it, here are some Signs Your Husband Is a Keeper.

  • He’s kept the receipt for every gift he’s bought you.
  • He never walks by a Little Free Library without checking for a paperback about a missing woman.
  • He knows to put his shampoo on the floor and leave the shower caddy to you.
  • When you diet, so does he.  Unless you cut out French fries.  Then, never mind.
  • He’s missing the tip of his tongue from biting it ever time you ask if he thinks you can still fit in your prom dress.
  • The commercial may say “Every kiss begins with Kay.”  But he knows they actually begin with Tiffany.