Men Who Worry More May Develop Heart Disease And Diabetes Risk Factors At Younger Ages

Emotions affect our health more than we might think they do.

Researchers found that middle-aged men who are anxious and worry more may be at greater biological risk for developing heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes as they get older. Boston University’s Dr. Lewina Lee was the lead study author, and says, “We found that cardiometabolic disease risk increased as men aged, from their 30s into their 80s, irrespective of anxiety levels, while men who had higher levels of anxiety and worry consistently had a higher likelihood of developing cardiometabolic disease over time than those with lower levels of anxiety or worry.”

She adds that future studies should see if these same associations are seen among women, “people from diverse racial and ethnic groups, and in more socioeconomically varying samples, and to consider how anxiety may relate to the development of cardiometabolic risk in much younger individuals than those in our study.”