Possible Titles for a Movie About a Runaway Vacuum

A robot vacuum escaped from a hotel in England and wasn’t found until a day later.  Which sounds like a GREAT idea for a movie.  Disagree?  You won’t after checking out today’s list of PossibleTitles for a Movie About a Runaway Vacuum.

  • “I’m Gonna Get You, Sucker”
  • “No Time to Dyson”
  • “Saving Private Roomba”
  • “The Good, The Bagged and The Ugly”
  • “Oh Bissell, Where Art Thou?”
  • “Raiders of the Lost Oreck”
  • “The Vac & The Furious”
  • “The Running Can”
  • “Good Spill Hunting”
  • “Look Hoover’s Balking”
  • “Roamin’ Holiday”
  • “Gone with the Wind”