Centre County’s homeless shelters have been at, or beyond capacity for many months due at least partially to the COVID-19 pandemic, causing a “homeless crisis.”

Patton Township puts indoor masking requirement back in place.

State College Police Looking for Man Who Allegedly Harassed 2 Women, Injured 1.

‘Very serious safety issue.’ Ferguson Township to conduct parking study near student housing project.

Suspect in Tyrone standoff situation taken into custody.

The family of rock legend Meat Loaf says their hearts are broken.  The Texas-born singer died last night with his wife by his side.  He had battled health issues for years, even collapsing at two concerts.  

The Supreme Court is allowing the nation’s most restrictive abortion law to continue for a third time. 

The secretary of state is meeting with his Russian counterpart today as the country appears close to invading Ukraine. 

An investigation is underway in Maryland where a man died in a home with more than 100 snakes inside.


NHL – The Flyers lost a 10th straight game for the second time this season with a 2-1 lost to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

 The Penn State women’s basketball team came out with the victory in a hard-fought 63-59 win over Northwestern last night.

The NCAA will let each sport decide its own transgender policies.  The new rules are an effort to bring policies more in line with those of the International Olympic Committee.  The previous policy was based on hormone therapy requirements and applied to all sports equally.