Bride-To-Be Angry After Fiancé Demands His Wife’s Parents Pay For Whole Wedding

We all know weddings can be pricey affairs, and who ultimately pays the bill for the big day can vary from couple to couple. While in the past tradition used to dictate the bride’s parents paid for the wedding, that certainly isn’t the case these days, but apparently one groom thinks it should be and it’s causing all sorts of drama in his relationship. 

A bride-to-be recently opened up to a Facebook wedding group about the problems she’s dealing with when it comes to planning her wedding. She says while her parents offered to contribute to the wedding costs, her fiancé is insisting they pay for the entire thing and “won’t stop talking about it,” despite her telling him they are not in the financial position to do so. 

  • The post prompted tons of responses from folks on social media, with many pointing to this being a huge red flag for their relationship.
    • “I would say, if you are already having issues like this, walk away,” one person shared. “He’s obviously not understanding and doesn’t want to enter a marriage we’re it’s an equal partnership.”
    • Another person was more blunt, telling her to “Just bin the whole man and get a new one.”
  • Others didn’t go so far as to suggest dumping him
    •  “Sounds like some premarital counselling might be a good idea here,” noted one commenter. “You both need to hash out your values especially in regard to money and gender roles within the relationship.”
  • Others wondered if he is so into such old-fashioned traditions whether he held up his side of them.
    • “I hope he paid your parents a great dowry,” one woman commented, while another added, “Did he spend three-months wages on your engagement ring? If he didn’t he can’t really expect your parents to hold up on traditions.”