Alternate Names for a Mullet

Trend experts say mullets will be back in style this year.  To prepare for its hotly-anticipated return, we present today’s list of Things to Call a Mullet Other than “Business in the Front, Party in the Back.” 

  • Notary Public in the Front, Carny in the Back.
  • Prince Charles in the Front, Prince Andrew in the Back.
  • Dom Perignon in the Front, Hot Dog Water in the Back.
  • White House in the Front, Waffle House in the Back.
  • Law Degree in the Front, DUI on a Riding Mower in the Back.
  • Filet Mignon in the Front, Something Deep Fried on a Stick from a State Fair in the Back.
  • Peloton in the Front, Mechanical Bull in the Back.
  • Smithsonian in the Front, Dollywood in the Back.
  • Any State but Florida in the Front, Florida in the Back.