Red Cross Declares National Blood Crisis

The Red Cross is making a desperate call for donors amid a historic blood shortage.

The Red Cross just declared the first ever national blood crisis, with supply so low, some hospitals are canceling surgeries. Officials blame the pandemic, staffing shortages, and crippling winter storms. It’s the worst shortage in a decade.

How in need are they? Typically this time of year, the Red Cross settles for a three day supply. Now they can barely keep one day on hand.

To drive people to donate, the agency is saying that anyone who rolls up their sleeves this month will have a chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles. Other prizes include entry to the official NFL Tailgate, three nights free in a hotel, and a 500-dollar gift card for game-day food. You can sign up to donate on the Red Cross website or call 1-800-Red-Cross.