Signs You’re Not as Attractive as You Think

A poll finds that the average guy thinks he’s a 5.9 on a scale of 10.  Too bad he’s actually that on a scale of 110.  Are you also guilty of overestimating your hotness?  Find out with today’s list of the . . . Top 5 Signs You’re Not as Attractive as You Think. 

  • Your audition tape for “America’s Next Top Model” was a huge hit with the producers . . . of “America’s Funniest Videos”.
  • When you ask the Sephora employee what you look best in, she says, “Darkness.”
  • After you post your duck face, everyone praises how much you actually resemble a duck.
  • The most attractive thing in your nature selfie is that fungus growing on the tree.
  • Your bikini turns a lot of heads . . . and even more stomachs.
  • When you buy condoms, the cashier says, “You know these aren’t balloons, right?”
  • Victoria’s “Secret”?  That you buy their thongs.
  • You always wear tight shirts that show off your chest hair.  Which is sorta unladylike.