It’s National Pass Gas Day

  Today (Friday) is National PASS GAS Day, when you’re encouraged to be loud and proud about breaking wind.  But for one in six people, that’s EVERY day.

A poll a while back found 16% of people are PROUD of their flatulence, and will “almost always” admit they’re the one who dealt it.  19% would never admit it, and 65% said it depends on who they’re with.  Here are a few more stats on our gas-passing habits . . .

1.  Do you freely pass gas in front of your significant other?  It’s close, but 51% said yes, they let ’em rip.  (Also, 39% said they’ve passed gas during sex.)

2.  Would you break wind on public transportation, or hold it in?  Only 25% try to hold it.

3.  How embarrassed would you be if you let one slip at work and people knew?  Only 17% said not embarrassed at all.  36% said VERY embarrassed.  Another 47% said it would never happen, because they go to the bathroom if they need to pass gas.

4.  If you break wind around other people, how do you avoid getting caught?  54% say ignoring it and saying nothing is the best strategy.

30% will leave the area . . . 10% say to blame someone else . . . and 6% say to fan it away from everyone and hope for the best.

5.  Do you ever enjoy the smell of your own gas?  50% said yes. 

(National Today / BuzzFeed)