Here’s When Most People Will Give Up Dry January

Many people have good intentions to start their healthy new year off by taking part in Dry January, where you stay off the booze for a whole 31 days. But let’s face it, a lot of folks do not make it the entire month, and now a new report reveals when most folks are likely to give in and order their first cocktail.

A UK study, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • 50% of adults give up Dry January by the second week in the month.
  • More specifically, they partake in their first drink of the month on January 16th.
  • 21% admitted that they were not likely to make it the entire month without a drink.
  • 30% said they’d be happy if they make it alcohol free for two weeks.

As for why most people fail to complete the booze-free month:

  • 31% missed the taste of booze.
  • 29% admit thy struggle on social occasions.
  • 28% say a bad day at the office would tempt them to drink.
  • 27% say going out for food would be hard without the option for alcohol.

As for why they attempted it in the first place:

  • 43% did it to improve their health.
  • 36% were hoping it would help them lose weight.