New, returning elected officials take oath of office in Centre County. Swearing-in ceremonies were held Monday in Centre County.

Centre County family welcomes the first New Year’s baby at Mount Nittany Medical Center.

Penns Valley man accused of assaulting woman, sexually abusing dog.

NASA Backs Up National Weather Service Explanation Of Loud Boom In PA – NASA is weighing in on the very loud boom reported by many Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania residents on New Year’s Day.

The space agency is backing up the report from the National Weather Service that the sound was that of an exploding meteor. NASA says the meteor was traveling at an estimated 45-thousand miles-per-hour when it exploded with the force of 30 tons of TNT. They add that, had it not been cloudy that day, the fireball would have been easily visible in the daylight sky with about 100 times the brightness of a full moon.

The death toll from a winter storm hitting the East Coast is up to five, including two children. Heavy snowfall shut down most of D.C. yesterday triggering an emergency. The weather has left thousands without power in Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland and North Carolina.

President Biden is meeting with his COVID response team today on a new plan to fight the omicron variant.  The nation topped more than one-million infections yesterday, setting a new record.  But the count also included a backlog of cases from the New Year’s weekend. 

Someone Dumped Over 600 Amazon Packages In Wooded Area In Oklahoma.

The woman who started the once-promising blood-testing company Theranos is expected to appeal her conviction.  A jury found Elizabeth Holmes guilty on four charges of defrauding investors with flawed technology.  A hearing is scheduled next week on three charges that were declared a mistrial.

It could take a while to find out exactly what caused Colorado’s most destructive fire.  Initial reports said a power line blown over by wind sparked it, but that turned out to be a telecommunications line.  Nearly one-thousand homes and businesses burned last week. 


Penn State men’s basketball (6-5, 1-2 Big Ten) earned its first conference win with a 61-58 victory over Indiana (10-3, 1-2 Big Ten) Sunday night. The matchup served as the Nittany Lions’ first game since December 11 due to COVID-19 issues.

The Penn State women’s hockey team pieced together a rock-solid all-around effort in its 3-0 shutout win over Boston University in Sunday’s Battle

NFL MNF – Football fans are saluting Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.  He helped his team beat the Browns 26-to-14 in what is likely his last home game.  A late interception allowed him to take a knee on the final play as fans cheered.

NBA – The 76ers defeated Houston, 133-113.