TikToker Suspects Boyfriend Is Cheating, Asks Verizon For Help

Have you ever had a hunch about something, but you just didn’t want to believe it? Sometimes our women’s intuition kicks in and we can’t shake what it’s telling us, even if we don’t want to hear it. A woman found herself in this position when she thought her boyfriend was cheating on her. So she turned to a surprising source for confirmation – his cell phone carrier.

TikTok user @thearmanim posted a video explaining how she went a tad bit overboard to confirm her suspicions. In the clip, she explains that when she thought her now-ex was cheating on her, she called Verizon for help, telling the customer service rep that it was an emergency and she needed a copy of all her boyfriend’s messages. But this woman knew what was up and offered some advice instead. “She was like ‘honey, I can’t do that, but if you have a gut feeling, you should trust it,’” the TikToker shares, adding, “She knew exactly what I was doing and she was right!”

It seems people have a lot of opinions about how to handle that situation and they took to the comments section to express them:

  • “Yes!! Ladies, you don’t need proof,” one user writes. “Don’t waste your time and energy! Trust your gut!”
  • “Did we come across the same Verizon lady?!,” asks another. “She told me she couldn’t give me info on the account, but suggested if I knew his email to try a password.”
  • Another shares, “I always told my daughter ‘if you have to ask God for a sign, then THAT’S YOUR SIGN!!”
  • And a former employee weighs in with, “As someone who worked in a Verizon store for six years, there were MANY moments we wished we could send things to girlfriends/wives.”