Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Are you tired of making New Year’s resolutions you never keep? Lots of us get a little too ambitious when setting goals, which makes them really hard to stick with. So instead of setting yourself up to fail, why not try a new approach for 2022? We’re talking realistic resolutions that you can follow through with past January 3rd.

Goals for moms that are actually doable include:

  • “I will drink less wine” – This one is much easier if you don’t get specific about less than who or what.
  • “I will save money” – Just not buying that new car you’ve been eyeing will save you $50-thousand!
  • “I will drink more water” – You need water to make coffee, right? There you go!
  • “I will put on workout clothes twice a week” – Doesn’t mean you’ll actually hit the gym, but it IS the first step.
  • “I will stop wasting so much time on Facebook” – Instagram is more fun anyway.
  • “I will try something new every week” – And at least half the time, I’ll try to make sure that something isn’t a new brand of wine.
  • “I will not sweat the small stuff” – As long as we all understand that nothing involving my kids, my job or my hair is “small stuff.”
  • “I will read more” – Shouldn’t be too hard if the last book you finished was in 2018.
  • “I will strive for balance” – No one really knows what this means, but it doesn’t sound impossible.
  • “I will practice more yoga” – Since anything is more than the none at all I’ve been doing, it’s reasonable.
  • “I will work on reducing stress” – Starting with not making impossible New Year’s resolutions that stress me out!

Source: Parents