America’s Dream Celebrity Workout Partner Is?

As the year winds down, many people make resolutions to get healthier in the New Year, and it sounds like this year is no different. 

A new poll by Life Time Fitness asked respondents what their health goals were or 2022, and they included:

  • Lose weight (31%)
  • Build muscle (22%)
  • Eat better (13%)
  • Move more (13%)
  • Improve mental wellbeing (11%)

It seems one way to stick to such health goals is to work out with a partner or partners.

  • In fact, 50% of people say they prefer to exercise with a small or large workout group.
  • While 46% prefer to work out alone.

And how great would it be if your workout partner was somebody famous? Well, the survey asked folks who their dream celebrity workout partner would be and the top choice isn’t all that surprising.

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was the top choice of 19% of those polled, followed by:
    • Jennifer Aniston (15%)
    • Jennifer Lopez (13%)
    • Chris Hemsworth (9.1%)