Mom’s Elf On The Shelf Prank Leaves Her With New Hairstyle

This time of year at houses all over, while kids are asleep their Elf on the Shelf is getting into mischief. Families wake up to find out what their Santa’s little helper got into the night before and sometimes, it’s a big mess. Missouri mom of three Mindy Carney shares the latest antics of her family’s three Elves on the Shelf on Facebook and so far this season, they’ve been pretty naughty.

The elves, Cutie Pie, Hot Dog and Sprinkles, have strung Christmas lights from a banister, gave the dad a makeover, turned their bathroom sinks into candy fountains and filled the shower with large, balloon bubbles. But the biggest prank these elves have pulled happened this week and it was on Mindy. They took things to the extreme when this mom woke up to find they had given her a haircut while she was sleeping, leaving her long locks in a lopsided ‘do.

While many of us would have promptly kicked the elves out for such bad behavior, this mama made the best of the situation and headed to the hair salon. She had her stylist even up her haircut and has donated the 14-inches that were cut to the nonprofit Children with Hair Loss, which makes wigs for kids with medically-related hair loss. “It’s all about the Christmas spirit and making magic for the kids,” Mindy says. “And it went to a good cause other than just making people laugh.”