Tips for Navigating Holiday Conflict

There are many ways to handle conflicts that arise during these gatherings. Once you have your mindset established, it will be easier to plan your response.

Here are some ideas to consider:

* Smile and ignore: The simplest response to holiday conflicts that arise is to not engage in them. The odds of you changing someone’s mind about long-held beliefs during a holiday party are slim to none.

* Name it and move on: It may be worthwhile to make a diplomatic comment like, “let’s agree to disagree.”

* Use humor: When you can laugh together, it mends a lot of fences. Humor is a great way to disarm someone who does not see things your way.

* Offer a compliment: A genuine compliment can diffuse a lot of negative feelings. You can even pay a compliment to the thought they put into their arguments, even though you disagree with them. You can appreciate something about the person without agreeing with their main point.