Rest In Peace, Mr. Prospero

Today is a tough day.  Last night, we lost our friend and colleague, Chris Prospero.  Some of you may remember him from the old Chris & Jim Days, and some of you may know him as Boss Frog Big Froggy 101-1.  I’ve known him as an all-around good guy for more than a quarter of a century. 

In fact, if it wasn’t for Chris, I wouldn’t be here.  When I got let go from another station here in town, I reached out to Chris, who was doing the midday show here on The Bus.  He told me something was in the works (Which turned out to be the launch of Big Froggy), that he would be moving up and that would create an opportunity for me …so he helped me get my foot in the door here, and I owe him big for that.  Frankly, we all do—he could have let some little ole lightweight guy take over for him, but he didn’t.  That’s the kind of caring person he was.

I want to thank everyone who came out to the station last night, and especially Jeff Brown and everyone who put it together.  The idea was to “Put Chris in Christmas”, sing some carols, and as Jeff said, “send some good JuJu”.  And it felt like we were doing that.  As we were hitting that high note on Silent Night, I had visions of Chris getting out of his hospital bed, demanding his pants and going home.  Well, it didn’t work out that way, but I’d like to think that maybe we sent him some positives vibes to help ease his transition from this world to the next.  To his friends, co-workers, listeners and especially his family, you have my deepest sympathies.  RIP Chris.-pat