Holidays By The Numbers

The 2021 holiday season is still stuck in the COVID era, but how is it affecting how we spend? Not really.

Here are the stats!

  • 90-percent plan on celebrating one of the winter holidays.
  • We’ll spend $998 shopping for a holiday.
  • $648 will be spent on family, friends, and co-workers.
  • Food and decorations will run about $231.
  • 57-percent will shop online for holiday goodies.

What do we want for gifts?

  • 56-percent say “gift card, please!”
  • 47-percent want clothing and accessories.
  • 26-percent would like to find books and other media under their tree.

The top toys this year haven’t changed over the last few years. They are: Legos, Barbie, Trucks, and dolls.