Candy Cane Factoids

  • National Candy Cane Day is celebrated in the U.S. on Dec. 26th, the day after Christmas, which is a time when many families pick candy cane decorations off their trees, garlands and wreaths.
  • 90% of candy canes are sold between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Candy canes typically see their highest sale week in the second week of December.
  • On average, candy canes are usually 6 inches tall and .25-inch thick, according to
  • Nutrition data on says a single candy cane that weighs 14 grams is equivalent to about 55 calories.
  • Peppermint is the signature flavor of candy canes, but dozens of flavors and colors have been introduced in the last century, including chocolate, fruit candy and cookie.
  • The world’s largest candy cane was made by Swiss pastry chef Alain Roby in 2012. It measured reportedly measured 51 feet in length.