Woman Forced To Share Hospital Delivery Room With Ex

Having a baby is certainly stressful, at least when it comes to delivery, but one woman’s experience in the hospital was super awkward, because she was forced to share her room with her ex.

Maddy Cifell recently shared the weird coincidence on TikTok, writing, “When your ex and his wife are in THE SAME labor and delivery room,” adding the caption, “The hospital was too full for L&D – at least we had a curtain.”

After folks asked for more details she shared a video explaining that she was at the hospital because of her high risk pregnancy, explaining, “I’m only 25 weeks pregnant so I’m on their high risk – they just want to take extra precautions with me.”

She said the hospital was packed but at first she and her partner Cody had the room to themselves. “Then they walk in… We make eye contact,” she then added, “Luckily there’s a curtain in between us but it was just so awkward – I just felt like I couldn’t talk. So Cody and I were literally sat there whispering.”

While it was certainly awkward it could have been a lot worse. The ex was actually someone she dated back in high school, but she added, “I just thought it was pretty ironic and awkward.”

  • And folks on social media certainly agree.
    • “I’d simply pass away!,” one person wrote, while another added, “That’s what I’d call small town bull s**t.”